Excel Spreadsheet Diagnosis and Evaluation

  • We will diagnose your spreadsheets and assess their effectiveness / efficiency.
  • We will check all security and protection features and search for all processing. We will prepare a report on the spreadsheet structure, its components, settings, all the defined names and links (both intended and undesired).

  • We will evaluate the usability of the spreadsheets and make recommendations on how to make them more efficient and easy-to-use for your employees.
  • We will also examine how data is entered into, and extracted out of, the spreadsheets and identify any changes that could improve the data transfer.
  • We will also assess how the design of the calculator affects the process in terms of processing information, producing reports and other required processes.
  • We can upgrade your spreadsheets based on the evaluation results.

Excel Services
Excel / VBA Consulting and Development Services
(See also Retirement Services)

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