XLActuary 1.3

Version 1.3 contains some significant changes.  Users of previous releases should upgrade to this version.

New Features
  • Mortality projection capabilities on static, generational or 2-dimensional basis.
  • Scale tables, including the MP-2014 improvement scales, have been added to the set of built-in tables.
  • New and modified toolbar routines to assist the setup of calculations requiring mortality projections.
  • New functions that return mortality or scale rates.

Bug Fixes
  • Modified handling of custom mortality ranges with trailing zero rates where last rate is non-100%.

Other Modifications
  • The "calculation age" label for the actuarial equivalence function has been changed to "original age".  No changes to the calculation of the actuarial equivalence factor.
  • The Help file has been updated.

To upgrade to this version, download
and run the setup program

Download the Setup Program
December 2014

View the pdf version of the
Release Notes for more details

View the Release Notes (pdf)

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