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Mortality Table Files

These files contain other mortality tables.  When a copy of the mortality table file (MTF) is placed in the folder containing XLActuary, all tables contained in the MTF file are added to the set of built-in tables inside the add-in.
  • Click "ZIP" to download the ZIP file then extract the mortality table file (MTF) to folder containing XLActuary.

1. PBGC Mortality Tables
  • ERISA Section 4044 Mortality Tables
  • ERISA Section 4050 Mortality Tables
2. Canada Pensioners' Mortality Tables
  • 2014 Tables
  • CPM Improvement Scales
To download the most current mortality table file (XLActuary.mtf), click here
3. 2006 Base Mortality Rates (from RP-2014)
  • generated from RP-2014 tables
  • using factors published by SOA
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