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Standard Mortality Table File

The XLActuary add-in comes with a set of standard (i.e. built-in) mortality and scale tables.  This set contains tables commonly used in valuation and administration of retirement plans and include tables published by the Internal Revenue Service and Society of Actuaries. 

The set of standard tables has been updated to include the 2021 static mortality tables (as published in IRS Notice 2019-67) and the MP-2019 mortality improvement scale.

See list of standard tables.

You can also download other mortality table files to add to your set of built-in tables.  Learn more...

Client-Specific (Customized) Mortality Table Files

Users can request that other tables (not included in the standard set of tables) be added to the set of built-in tables for specific use by the users' organization.  This is provided free of charge to all registered users.  Contact us to get more details.
Click the "Download" button to download the XLActuaryMTF.zip into your machine.  Extract the mortality table file (XLActuary.mtf) file and place a copy of the mortality table file in the folder containing XLActuary.
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